Hunter Laing

blenders and bottlers of the finest Scotch Whiskies.  As the Laing family have been in the Scotch Whisky business for more three generations, the company has acquired not only a great deal of experience but, just as importantly, vast stocks of some of the most sought after whiskies in Scotland.  Please join us to learn more about our proud history, and our promising future.



Old Malt Cask is unashamedly for connoisseurs of the finest expressions of Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  As one of the most established brands in the single cask market,
Old Malt Cask is trusted by thousands of Malt Whisky consumers all around the world as the selection which bottles some of the most noteworthy Scotches in the market.  Each month, the Hunter Laing tasting panel reviews the company stocks and, after careful consideration, selects only the casks which are of the highest quality.  Whether the whisky was distilled in Speyside or Islay, the Lowlands or the Islands, they all have one thing in common – they have been bottled at exactly the right time to capture the unique characteristics of the cask.

Invariably bottled at 50% strength to maintain drinkability, each new expression is non-chillfiltered to ensure that the personality of each cask remains.  Our expert blender also writes notes to guide the consumer through the tasting experience. We don’t have to do much with the whisky – we let it speak for itself.

Old Malt Cask has spent fifteen years as one of the market leaders in the single cask category. As the reputation of Hunter Laing rests on the quality of each release, we aim to ensure that each new bottling delights the consumer as much as the last one.


product_oldandrareWhilst we are proud to place the Laing family name on all the casks we bottle, there are some whiskies which are so remarkable that they deserve a little extra recognition.  Hunter Laing’s Old & Rare name signifies a rare single cask malt  that has been bottled at the peak of its flavour.  Whether it was the water, the wood, or even the location in the warehouse, circumstances have conspired to create a sublime drinking experience which once consumed, can never be repeated.

Each bottling of Old & Rare has been matured to perfection, so due to the angels’ share there are comparatively few examples to emerge from each cask. Presented in a highly distinctive squat bottle, each expression comes beautifully packaged in a specially crafted wooden box.  The personal tasting notes of our expert “nose” are included to complement the views of each individual taster. It goes without saying that each cask remains unadulterated by excessive filtration or added caramel.

Although each sip from an Old & Rare cask is an exquisite experience the pleasure must be tempered with a little sorrow, due to the fact that such a taste can never be exactly replicated again.